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Study table design for kids, students, bed, and Vastu principles

With work from home (WFH) here to stay, people are actively looking for ways to make their home-office more productive and stylish too. One of the important components to make your home-office atmosphere organised and professional, is to choose the right study table, which complements the type of work you do. At the same time, it should match with your home décor too. To help you pick a perfect study table, here are some of the popular study table design ideas you can take inspiration from.


Study table with minimalist look

If minimalism is what you seek, you can look for study tables with simple and sleek designs. You can keep them by the window, make use of natural light while working. Such tables usually blend in with all kinds of furniture. Do not forget to match it with comfortable seating.





If you have a small room, which you want to keep clutter-free, opt for a small solid wood study table desk, which can be accommodated almost anywhere. You can easily complement it with a comfortable wooden chair or an office chair, as per your choice. These tables can also be customised with a small bookshelf built under the table.




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Study table for kids

If you are looking for a study table for your children, you will not have to do anything extra than to play around with some colours. To give them an atmosphere where they can focus and concentrate, you need to create a calming environment. You can add various components, such as a small table plant or colourful accessories, to make them sit at the desk and study.







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Study table with bookshelf

If you want to keep your books and documents around the table without cluttering it, you can get a custom-made study table with a bookshelf. A number of options are also available online and in the market, which have bookshelves attached to it.


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Bed study table

If you like working from your bed, there are a number of options available for study tables, which can be arranged anywhere and can offer maximum comfort. Some of the high-end bed table designs come with in-built chargers, adjustable tops and other functionality that you may need. You can choose, as per your budget and requirements.


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Study table Vastu

If you are a believer in Vastu Shastra, it is important that you know some dos and don’ts about study table direction as per Vastu, to get maximum output at your home-office.

  • Place the study table in the north or east direction of your home.
  • The direction for the study table should be such that any person sitting, should face east or north, while working or studying.
  • Opt for study tables which have rectangular or square shapes. The ratio of the sides should not be more than 1:2.
  • Never use a chipped or damaged study table.
  • If you are buying a wooden table, it should be sturdy and made of good quality wood.
  • Place a bright lamp on the south-east corner of your study table for positivity.
  • Keep your study table clutter-free and clean. Placing a lot of things on the study table can result in distraction.



Which direction is best for a study table?

A study table should be placed in the east or north direction.

Which side should you face while studying?

Always sit facing east or north while studying or working.


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