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Marble stairs design ideas for your home

The use of marble as a building material dates back to ancient times. This decorative stone continues to find application in modern homes. The word ‘marble’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Marmaros’, which refers to a white and shining stone.

Owing to its luxurious and royal appeal, marble is a preferred material for designing pillars, kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring and for making furniture. More importantly, the choice of marble for stairs, can also be seen in luxury homes, shopping centers, hotels, etc. A marble staircase can take the beauty of an entranceway to a new level. So, take a cue by exploring these design ideas for adding a marble staircase at home.


Which marble is best for stairs?

In its purest form, marble appears in white colours. However, the presence of mineral impurities gives unique colours to marble. The variety of hues provide you with ample options for designing your staircase.

Classic white marble

You can never go wrong with a flawless white marble staircase that you can incorporate to achieve a spacious look for your home. Enhance the décor with lighting fixtures to illuminate the space. You can explore white marble varieties, such as Italian statuario marbles, opal white marble or the morwad white marble from Rajasthan.




Italian marble

Italian marbles, with their richness and brilliant texture, are widely sought-after. Paired with designer railings and suitable lighting, the staircase design can give your home a luxurious appeal.



Black marble

Black marble, as a theme for your décor, can elevate the overall ambience of the house. You can explore black marble varieties that include Indian black marble, grey Carrarra marble and marquina black marble. For contrast, you can also choose black and white marble stairs.



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Beige marble

A new shade that is emerging as an alternative to white, beige marble can create a look of sophistication and luxury. Beige marble can be a glamorous addition to the interiors. Select the imported Bianco beige marble or go for other varieties like the katni beige marble.



Yellow marble

Yellow is usually chosen as an accent for flooring or outdoors. Achieve a vibrant-yet-traditional look for your interiors with a yellow marble staircase. Rainforest gold marble and Jaisalmer yellow marble are a few varieties of yellow marble available in India.



Pink marble

Pink marble stones can bring a decorative look to the staircase, thus, making a style statement. Portugal pink is one of the impressive marble varieties. In India, you can find the katni pink marble and Udaipur pink marble.



Dual-tone marble stairs

Designing a marble staircase with polished granite can help create a feature point for your home. You can complement the design with yellow marble, to add beauty to the structure.




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How much do marble stairs cost?

The price of marble stairs may vary, depending on the manufacturer or supplier and the type of marble. The cost of white marble stairs in India can range from Rs 200 per sq ft to Rs 500 per sq ft. The price of designer marble stairs in India can range between Rs 1,000 per sq ft and Rs 3,000 per sq ft.


How do you maintain marble stairs?

Marble is a material that is prone to stains and scratches. Do not let the shine fade away. Here is how you can keep the staircase in perfect condition:

  • Clean the staircase regularly, say, once a week, or more frequently, if you have pets at home and a lot of people.
  • Avoid cleaning solutions that are acidic in nature, as they can damage the marble and change its colour and texture. Include marble polish as a part of the cleaning routine.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the surface, instead of scrubbing brushes, to prevent scratches.
  • Add non-slip rugs near the entrance that will prevent dust from accumulating on the marble surface.



How to make marble stairs non-slippery?

You can prevent the marble surface from becoming slippery by cleaning it regularly. You can use water-based varnish or sealer to improve the friction on the surface. You can also place rubber-backed rugs or mats.

Is marble better than granite?

Marble and granite differ greatly in terms of durability, hardness, power to resist staining and pricing. Compared to granite, marble may require more maintenance and it can also be quite expensive.


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