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MCG water bill details

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) distributes water to the Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG), which then distributes water to the sectors that fall under it. Hence, if you are using the water services under the MCG, you are liable to pay your MCG water bill.

Owing to the growth in population in the millennium city, experts mention that the city will see a total consumption of 1,650 million litres of water per day by 2031, as against 450 million litres of water at present (which has also increased by 50% from what it was a few years back).

Additionally, the GMDA, earlier in 2021, started off with a pilot project that makes sure that there is equal water distribution to all households along the Basai-Dwarka Expressway stretch that will include Gandhi Nagar, Sirhaul, parts of Iffco, Shivaji Nagar, Civil Lines and HUDA colonies, among other areas.


How can I check my MCG water bill?

To check your MCG water bill online, visit www.mcg.gov.in and click on ‘Pay Water Bill’.


Things to know about the MCG water bill


You will be directed to the page as seen in the picture below.


Things to know about the MCG water bill


On this page, enter the site code by selecting from the options given in the drop-down box. This site code will be mentioned on your MCG water bill from where you can check and enter the same. Now, you have to enter your consumer number which will again be mentioned on your MCG water bill.

You can also enter your property tax ID and press the submit button. Once this is done, you will be directed to another page where you will get all the information about your current MCG water bill details like consumer number, consumer name, address, bill issue date, amount to be paid before due date, due date, amount to be paid after due date, bill number and bill month.


How to make MCG water bill payment online?     

To pay the water bill MCG, firstly check it online by visiting the link https://wssbilling.mcg.gov.in/Modules/ConsumerOnlinePayment.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 and follow the above-mentioned process.

After carefully studying this, you can press on the ‘make payment’ tab. Once this is done, you will reach another page where you will get to see details like consumer number, name, site code, bill number, email ID and mobile number.

Here, enter the property/ house tax ID, amount to be paid and finally select the payment method. There are two options for payment- the PayU method and easy payment. On selecting the easy payment option, you will have options like RTGS/NEFT, net banking, debit card and credit card. Once the payment is successful, you can save and take a print out. The payment of your MCG water bill will be acknowledged on your registered email ID and mobile number.

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How to get a duplicate MCG water bill?

For accessing your duplicate MCG water bill, visit https://wssbilling.mcg.gov.in/Modules/ConsumerOnlinePayment.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 and enter the details. You will reach another page, where, just below the ‘Current Bill Details’, you will see another section on ‘Bill details’ which will include columns, including bill date, bill number, net amount, due date, with surcharge and download. Under ‘Download’, you will have two options – ‘View Meter Photo’ and ‘Download Bill’. Click on ‘Download Bill’ to access your duplicate bill.


How to pay the MCG water bill using your mobile app?

For accessing all the information regarding your MCG water bill, you may also use the MCG mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. You may login to the app by pressing login and proceed to pay the water bill.


Things to know about the MCG water bill


You can also change the language on the app to Hindi from English by pressing the language button present at the top right-hand side.


Things to know about the MCG water bill


However, if you do not have a user ID and password, you can first register on the app by keying in the details including full name, email, phone, site code, consumer number, user name, password and confirm password and pressing on register.


Things to know about the MCG water bill


MCG water bill customer care number and complaint

To get any grievance filed and addressed, one can email to watersupport@mcg.gov.in. You can also call the toll -free number on 18001801817. You can also file your complaint regarding the MCG water bill online by visiting http://wssbilling.mcg.gov.in/grievance.aspx. You will be directed to a page as seen below where you can file your MCG water bill complaint. On this page, you have to enter your name, mobile number, email ID, subject and the query and submit.


Things to know about the MCG water bill



What are the various options to pay the MCG water bill?

You may pay the MCG water bill by logging on to the online portal or by downloading the MCG mobile application.

Where can the complaints about the MCG water bill be registered?

Any grievance regarding the MCG water bill can be filed by sending an email or calling on the toll-free number. One can also fill the form available on the MCG water bill website.


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