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Wall and Flooring Tiles Ideas With Images

For an Indian home, the kitchen is an area that requires not just functionality but design and sleekness too. Using tiles in the kitchen area has become popular in past few years due to the easy maintenance it offers and the vast options available in the market, in terms of designs. Here are some of the most popular kitchen tile designs and other things you should know about:


Types of kitchen tiles

There are three main types of kitchen design tiles:


Also known as non-porcelain, these types of tiles are made of clay. Ceramic tiles are glazed, to create a hard-looking surface. As it is soft, it is easier to install. Due to its glazed nature, the surface resists water splashes and spills. However, these kitchen design tiles are prone to damages.


These types of tiles are made with a mixture of sand and clay. These are harder and denser than ceramic tiles, as they are manufactured under intense heat and pressure conditions. These are also less porous and can withstand tough climatic conditions, including extreme humidity and heat and high traffic areas such as kitchens. These kitchen design tiles are also water-resistant but require high proficiency during installation due to its hardness.

*Stone tiles

Made of natural stones such as granite and marble, these are the most expensive options, vis-à-vis kitchen design tiles. These are extremely porous and have to be sealed very effectively, to prevent it from wearing out. In fact, it requires sealing in every two-three years. Also, such surfaces require polishing which make it slippery when wet.

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Kitchen flooring tiles catalogue










Kitchen wall tiles design catalogue





Are tiles for a kitchen a good idea?

Tiles are one of the most popular choice for kitchen flooring and walls. These are not just durable and hard but also water-resistant and easier to clean. Tiles can also bear water spills and you do not have to worry about odour and bacteria. Moreover, the kitchen tiles design can be installed and arranged in patterns as per your choice. There are a lot of colours, shapes and styles available in the market which can make your kitchen look more modern and beautiful.

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Things you should know about kitchen tiles designs

  • Tiles can easily resist stains. However, you may need to make sure that tiles have been sealed properly.
  • For cleaning a tile surface, you can sweep or dust the floor regularly or wipe the surface with a damp cloth. However, avoid using steel wool and pads as this can damage the upper layer. You can reseal the tiling as and when required.
  • As a precautionary measure, you should wipe spills immediately, to avoid staining.


Things you should consider before choosing kitchen tiles

  • While the most durable kitchen design tiles are porcelain ones, you can also opt for stone tiles if you have the budget.
  • Usually, textured floors are less slippery and they mask the dirt. However, these can be difficult to clean. You can use mats around wet areas to avoid slipping.
  • The kitchen design tiles installation will be perfect, only if the floor beneath it is smooth, flat and clean. Usually to level it, a cement tile board is installed to give it a levelled platform.

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Which tiles are the best for the kitchen?

Depending upon your budget, you can choose any type of tiles which are hard, stain-proof and water-resistant.

How much does a kitchen tile cost?

Depending upon the market, a kitchen tile usually is priced Rs 28 per sq ft onwards.


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