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How to use Chandelier, Spotlight, Recesses & LED ceiling light in home decor

Good lighting can completely change the ambience, mood and the interiors of a house. A well-lit room is essential, to draw attention to the décor features and make any space bright and comfortable. If you are picking ceiling light fittings for your home, there are numerous design choices available.

Ceiling light refers to lighting fixtures that are directly fitted on the ceiling for illuminating a room or a specific area. While a basic false ceiling can be an excellent option to add lighting fixtures like recessed lights, there are some fixtures such as chandeliers that do not require a false or POP ceiling.


Types of ceiling lights

Before you choose to redesign your house with new lighting options, it is important to understand the variety available. Here are some of the popular types of ceiling lights.


Recessed ceiling lights

These are light fixtures installed inside a ceiling and are suitable for homes with low-height ceilings. The bulbs in these false ceiling lights are covered with glass panels that helps to diffuse the light.




Spotlights are the perfect décor option to bring a dramatic look. They provide concentrated lighting to a specific area.



LED ceiling lights

LED indirect lighting is another option for ceiling lights fixtures. It comprises a small or large fixture mounted on a ceiling with LED light strips fitted around it. It is an ideal option for making the room appear spacious.



Flush lights

Flush mount lighting fixtures are attached to the ceiling with little or no gap. They are ideal for small rooms, including bathrooms. Semi-flush lights are similar fixtures but they direct the light down and up onto the ceiling, as well.



Chandelier light

One of the preferred lighting options for living and dining rooms, a chandelier lends a classic appeal to any space. There are a variety of designs to choose from.



Hanging light or pendant light

These are hanging lights that are usually installed when additional lighting is needed to illuminate a space. They hang low from the ceiling and match well with flush lights.



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Ceiling lights for living room

LED lighting can bring a contemporary charm to a living room. It is an ideal choice to create a style statement, with the level of brightness making the space look stunning.



Get a timeless and sophisticated look for a traditional living room by choosing a modern chandelier. For additional lighting, you can install recessed lights or LED light strips to a contemporary POP ceiling design, to lend a luxurious appeal to the entire room.



Flush mount lights are perfect for low-height ceilings. When added to contemporary and minimalist spaces with plush décor and a subtle colour theme, the space gets an ultra-sophisticated look.



For ambient lighting, design the living room with recessed lights on a POP ceiling to brighten up the room. You can also place a classic lamp on a table, for additional task lighting.



Ceiling lights for hallway

A classy chandelier for the home entrance will provide abundant lighting to the space, while enhancing the décor quotient of the hallway.



Install stylish flush mount ceiling lights to illuminate the hallway of your house. You can add them in multiples, depending on the length of the hallway.



Ceiling lights for dining room

A crystal chandelier can lend a striking look to a well-furnished dining space. However, when it comes to chandeliers, there are a plethora of modern designs you can consider, for beautifying a dining room.



Pendant lighting can transform a dining room into a contemporary space. The black, dome-shaped fixtures and the golden light, can become a focal point for a traditional dining room arrangement.



Pendant light fixtures designed with a metal cage, match well with the overall décor theme.



Ceiling lights for bedroom

Flush mount fixtures for ceiling lights are a popular choice when it comes to lighting options for bedrooms. The light bulb is covered with decorative glass that comes in numerous designs. You pick a design that matches the décor theme.



IoT-enabled smart ceiling fans with LED lights can be an excellent choice for a cosy bedroom space. For spacious rooms, you can complement the look with additional lamps and recessed lights.



Pendant lights are trending and they prove to be versatile light fixtures. You can choose this option for bedside lighting.



Ceiling lights for kitchen

Island lighting fixtures are specially designed for kitchen spaces. They are suspended from the ceiling up to a low height and make for a central feature of the room.



Glass pendant ceiling lights can be a simple yet elegant lighting option for the kitchen-cum-dining space. These light fixtures can bring a magical effect to the luxurious kitchen interiors.



LED light fixtures can be an excellent lighting option for a modern kitchen. These lighting fixtures truly make a style statement while blending well with other décor elements.



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Ceiling lights for bathroom

There is no better lighting option for a bathroom space than an overhead ceiling flush mount light. You can pick LED ceiling lights to bring a modern feel.



Chandeliers are suitable for spacious bathrooms. From vintage-style chandeliers to modern chandeliers, there are a plethora of lighting options available.




How many ceiling lights do I need in a room?

It is important to measure the room, to find out the number of fixtures required. As a rule, recessed lights can be fitted at every four to six sq ft of the ceiling area to provide proper illumination.

Is it cheaper to use a lamp or ceiling lights?

The amount of electricity consumed is determined by the wattage of the bulb used in the lamps or ceiling light fixtures. The total cost may not ultimately depend on the type of lighting fixture.


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