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Blue two colour combination for bedroom walls, living room, Bathroom, Playroom

Since the colour scheme in your bedroom greatly impacts your mood, cognitive functions, creativity and productivity, utmost attention must be paid when choosing a colour scheme for your home. You will invariably find that the blue colour, especially when used as blue two colour combination for bedroom walls, is an evergreen choice for interior decorators and home owners worldwide. The various hues in the entire spectrum of blue ignite feelings of peace, calm and tranquility, making it a perfect colour for bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces where you want to relax. Blue colour can be used in combination with various other colours of your choice, to make a style statement. To provide you with inspiration here, we will talk about some colour combinations where you can mix blue with other shades, to create the perfect mix for your bedroom walls.


Blue two colour combination for bedroom walls

Blue and white

White, a neutral colour, which reflects purity, serenity and balance, complements blue walls in your bedroom like no other colour. Little wonder then that white and blue have traditionally been used as the safest colour combination for bedroom walls. The image below is a testimony to that.



The blue and white combo also goes famously well for your living room. Check out the image below to see how white and blue work like magic together on the living room wall.



Blue and white stripes also work nicely to create a restful environment in your bedroom.



More importantly, white goes well with any shade of blue in your bedroom.



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Blue and beige

For small bedrooms where space is an issue, lighter hues of blue combined with beige can work wonders. Not only do they give the room an overall cool look, they also make the bedroom seem bigger.


Blue two colour combination to give your walls a unique look

(Image courtesy: Nerolac)



Blue and grey

On bedroom walls, blue also gels seamlessly with grey and provides a slight industrial touch to a serene bedroom. The blue and grey colour combination for walls also add a bit of drama to the overall scheme of things.


Blue two colour combination to give your walls a unique look

(Image courtesy: Nerolac)


Blue and black

The classic blue and black combination can also be replicated in your bedroom walls, provided you use some lighter shade that balances the dark hues. In this set-up, for example, the white ceiling brings a much-required serenity in an otherwise vibrant bedroom.



Blue and red

If you want to bring a bit of warmth in your bedroom along with the coolness of the colour blue, red is a great option to achieve that. Ensure you choose a lighter shade of blue so that the impact of the blue and red combination is not overwhelming.



Blue on blue

A light shade of blue goes perfectly well with a dark shade of blue on your bedroom walls. Check out the image below!



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Blue two colour combination for living room

Various shades of blue are typically used to paint living room walls in combination with white. To add more life to the living room, décor items can be used in varying colours.




Blue two-colour combination for playrooms

Your little ones need more vibrancy in their room. This means you have to incorporate happy colours like green in your kids’ playroom and nursery, along with light shades of blue.



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Blue two-colour combination for bathrooms

Blue and while also make your bathroom look spic and span. Since none of these colours hide any grime or dust, prompting you to clean quite frequently, you will not be under any false illusions of cleanliness. Your bathroom would actually always be clean.




Wall paint shades of blue that are in fashion

Baby blue: A pastel colour, mixes well with other colours of pastel hues.

Denim blue: A shade that comes out when blue and navy blue blend together.

Indigo: This shade between blue and violet is created when blue is mixed with red.

Teal: It is a mix of blue and green.

Aqua blue: A variation of cyan color, aqua blue is basically blue with a hint of green.

Duck blue: A pale-green shade of blue.

Ice blue: Very pale greenish-blue like the colour seen in a cake of clear ice.

Marian blue: A tone of the colour celeste, named for its use with the Virgin Mary.

Powder blue: A soft, pale hue of blue.



Is blue a good colour for the bedroom?

Blue is perfect for bedroom walls since it invokes feelings of peace, calm and tranquility.

What colour goes with blue walls?

Colours like white, grey, green and red go well with blue walls.


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