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Pay Ranchi Municipal Corporation Property Tax Guide

Home owners in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, have to pay an annual property tax to the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC). The RMC has as many as 53 urban wards under its jurisdiction from where it collects the property tax or holding tax Ranchi, a key source of revenue for the municipal body. Anyone who has bought or acquired a property in the city by succession, partition or by any other suit, has to submit an application with the civic body to initiate the Ranchi Municipal Corporation property tax payment.

It is pertinent to note here that Ranchi property tax is referred to as holding tax Ranchi and we would be using these two terms interchangeably in this article from here on.


Holding tax Ranchi online payment

Home owners in Ranchi can pay the Ranchi Municipal Corporation holding tax online on the official portal, https://www.ranchimunicipal.com/. The portal also helps them know their Ranchi holding tax dues, pay water bills, etc.

To initiate online payment of your property tax Ranchi, visit the official portal and click on the ‘Services’ option on top of the page, where you would find the ‘Pay Property Tax’ option. Click on that option to proceed.


Holding tax Ranchi


You will now have to provide your holding number along with the unique ID of your property to proceed with the holding tax online payment Ranchi. To make the payment, you can choose UPI, internet banking, NEFT or IMPS facilities.


Ranchi property tax


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Ranchi Municipal Corporation holding tax collection through third party

In 2014, the Ranchi Nagar Nigam (RMC) entered into an agreement with a private agency for providing managed services for collection of property tax and other charges. It also established a robust grievance redressal system through online helpline, chat and SMS facilities.


Home collection of Ranchi property tax

In January 2021, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) started collecting property tax from houses after its online payment system developed a technical glitch. Recall here that the official RMC website has been undergoing a software update since October 2020. It hired Sri Enterprises, a third-party agency, for collection of property tax through cheque or cash. People willing to get their holding tax collected from their residence could also make a phone call to the RMC and drop a request.



What is holding tax Ranchi?

Property tax is also referred to as holding tax in Ranchi.

How can I pay my holding tax online in Ranchi?

You can pay the holding tax Ranchi online by visiting the Ranchi Municipal Corporation website and clicking on ‘Property Tax’ on the homepage and selecting ‘Pay Property Tax’ on the page that then opens up or by going to the ‘Services’ menu on the homepage and selecting ‘Pay Property Tax’ under ‘Property tax’.


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