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Bhu Naksha CG – Bhu Naksha Plot Map Online in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh has been able to computerise land records in many of its districts and put up the information on CG Bhuiya Portal. The portal has been developed with the idea of making all the details of land ownership available to people and the government in an easy format. On this portal, all the details of the land of the people of Chhattisgarh are updated and can be viewed anytime. The portal gives out information like map of the land, B1 naksha khasra, B1 Kahsra CG, P11 Khatauni, etc. People can download most of this information in PDF format.

The records of land parcels in Chhattisgarh are known as CG Bhu Abhilekh or Bhuiya and the digitisation of the same has been achieved by NIC (National Informatics Centre), with partnership from Chhattisgarh Revenue Department.

Even though the government has provided all the land records in a transparent manner in an online format, the citizens are advised to keep all the minor details of their landholdings with them like name, telephone number, village & tehsil details, khata number, b1 khasra cg, etc., to be able access information on the portal.

The government of Chhattisgarh is adding new districts and tehsils continuously on the portal in the digital format. So far, it has digitised land details of 150 tehsils in 18 districts. Recently, it added information on 11 villages of Kabirdham district. For the other villages, the work is under progress. 

The authorities are now preparing to fill all the gaps to make it easier for the public and authorities to track information related to land, size, ownership details etc.


How to check bhu naksha in Chhattisgarh?

Step 1: Log on to the official website of Chhattisgarh bhu naksha (click here).

Step 2: Select district, tehsil, RI, village from the dropdown menu.


Chhattisgarh bhu naksha


Step 3: Along with the plot info, you can also get details about the khasra naksha and khasra vivran.


Khasra naksha, Chhattisgarh bhu naksa website


Chhattisgarh bhu naksha

Khasra vivran report, Chhattisgarh bhu naksha website


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How to find the real owner through CG bhu naksha? 

When you choose a specific khasra, you will find the plot info alongside. The plot info gives details about the owner, size of the plot, extent of irrigated and non-irrigated land, khasra number. This information is important to cross-check whether the seller of the plot is the real owner or not.



List of districts covered under CG bhu naksha

Balod Kanker
Baloda Bazar Kondagaon
Balrampur Korba
Bastar Koriya
Bemetara Mahasamund
Bijapur Mungeli
Bilaspur Narayanpur
Dantewada Raigarh
Dhamtari Raipur
Durg Rajnandgaon
Gariaband Sukma
Janjgir-Champa Surajpur
Jashpur Surguja


Benefits of Bhulekh Chhattisgarh

The sole aim of making the land records of Chhattisgarh online was to provide easy access and information to the people. There are several benefits even apart from that and they are as follows:

  1. Every citizen of Chhattisgarh can access the portal easily and can download the required land details.
  2. Since all the land details are available online, people need not physically visit the land revenue office.
  3. The Bhulekh portal is also developed in a way to record all details via a strong system which would reduce the number of frauds taking place in this field.
  4. The portal has a user-friendly interface and can be used by all the residents even if they are not tech-savvy.
  5. This portal saves a lot of time and energy for the residents of Chhattisgarh.


Getting Chhattisgarh Bhu Naksha and land records information online

Chhattisgarh is one of the first states to digitise land records and make them available for its residents. The Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan National Informatics portal is divided into the following sections:

  1.     Bhuiya- Provides details about the land including Khasra
  2.     Bhuiya Naksha- Provides a detailed map along with showing patterns of ownership.


Services of the Chhattisgarh land records portal

The following are the services provided by the Chhattisgarh land records portal:

  1. One can use this portal to download Khasra and Khatauni details. Khasra is the number provided to rural land patches for identification. These are similar to the survey number provided to lands in urban areas. Khatauni contains the details of all the khasras that are registered under the same name or family.
  2. This portal has all the land records details of Chhattisgarh.
  3. The portal can make changes in the land record details with the phone number that was used during the application. There might be certain errors during the registration of the property. Though rare, individuals can apply for a rectification of these details.
  4. Residents of Chhattisgarh can also view the details of mutated properties. Mutation is the process through which the ownership of the property is transferred to somebody on the death of the real owner or under similar circumstances. 


What to do if you cannot find bhu naksha online?

If you are unable to view the bhu naksha of land online, chances are that it might not have been updated yet. It could also happen that the authority is in the process of making the land map available online. To verify, make a physical visit to the office of the concerned department.

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Bhuiyan mobile app to check bhu naksha in Chhattisgarh

Developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), government of India, Bhuiyan is the land records project of Chhattisgarh. Through its mobile application, citizens can view information pertaining to a selected land parcel (Khasra), by providing parameters such as district, tehsil, village, khasra number, etc.

Bhuiyan app


Online land map of Kabirdham district to be released

Kabirdham residents have a reason to cheer. They would no longer need to visit the patwari or tehsil offices, to obtain the land map. Bhu naksha maps of 11 villages of the district have been completed with the revenue department at the helm. Previously, residents often used to make rounds of the tehsil office to incorporate their names in the record.



Is CG bhu naksha completely updated?

No, the process of updating bhu naksha for Chhattisgarh may be completed by the end of 2020 if all goes as per plan.

Can I rely on third party apps for CG bhu naksha on Play Store?

The NIC of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan has developed the Bhunaksha CG app and you can find it on Play Store. This is recommended over other third party apps.

Can I download CG bhu naksha 2020?

Yes, you can download bhu naksha for any village and plot in Chhattisgarh as it is free for public use.


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