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All you should know about Nashik property tax  

Like other Indian cities, property owners in Nashik have the responsibility of paying the Nashik Property Tax on time. This money that is paid to the Nashik Municipal Corporation by homeowners in Nashik, helps the corporation maintain and introduce new state-of-art infrastructural developments in the city. While the Nashik property tax has to be paid every year, there are still concerns and queries among people on how to go about making the payment. Mentioned in this article are the steps to be followed for paying your Nashik property tax online.

How to pay Nashik property tax online?

First, log on to the Nashik Municipal Corporation website at https://nmc.gov.in/. At the bottom of the homepage, click on ‘Property Tax Department’.


You will be directed to https://nmc.gov.in/article/index/id/131, the official webpage for the Nashik property tax department.


Click on ‘Pay Tax Online’ to reach https://propertytax.nmctax.in/. Here, enter your 8-digit index number, as shown in the picture below, and click on ‘Submit.’ Note that home buyers who have an index number with seven digits, have to enter ‘0’ after the third number.


You will reach the Nashik Property Tax Demand Details page that will show you all the details about the Nashik property tax that has to be paid.





Note that when you do online payment of the Nashik property tax, you get an online payment rebate of Rs. 1000. Once you have checked that all the amounts are accurate, click on ‘Pay Now.’ The next page will display all your details.


Here, enter your mobile number, email id, and the amount that you wish to pay. Click on the ‘I do hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions’ check box, and click on ‘Pay Now’ to proceed with the online payment. Payment can be made through various payment gateways.

Once you have completed the payment, click on the ‘View Receipt’ tab on the left-hand side of the page and access your receipt.

Nashik property tax e-bill

You can click on the ‘View E-bill’ tab to see the e-bill of your Nashik property tax, before proceeding with the payment.

Nashik property tax rebate

Rebates are available if you make the full payment of your Nashik property tax. Note that the rebate is applied only on the NMC tax amounts such as shasti, warrant fee, and notice fee.

Dates Rebate percentage
August 16 – October 15, 2021 90%
October 16 – November 30, 2021 75%
December 1 – December 31, 2021 50%

Nashik property tax defaulter list

On the Nashik property tax e-payment page, you can check the list of defaulters. Click on the ‘Defaulter List’ tab. You will be led to https://propertytax.nmctax.in/citizens/defaulterlist. Choose the division from the drop-down box and click on ‘Go’ to search. Alternatively, you can click the ‘View all’ button to see the result in a tabular form.

Nashik property tax completion certificate

To view the completion certificate, click on the ‘Completion Certificate List’ on the property tax e-payment page. Select a zone from the drop-down box and click on ‘Go’. Alternatively, you can click on ‘View All’ to access all the information in a tabular form. The completion certificate will provide information regarding the builder name, property address, survey number, plot number, total carpet area, completion number, and completion date.

Nashik property tax forms

Forms related to Nashik property tax can be downloaded from the Nashik Municipal Corporation website. Click on ‘Downloads’ on the homepage to reach the ‘Download Forms’ page. Click on ‘Tax department’ to download the relevant form.

Registration of Property on Demand form can be downloaded from https://nmc.gov.in/public/upload/download/6_reqistration%20of%20proparty%20on%20demand%20reqister%20Tax%20dep.pdf

Reduction of property tax

This form can be downloaded from https://nmc.gov.in/public/upload/download/15_reduction%20of%20proparty%20tax%20Tax%20dep.pdf




Tax on Property

You can download the form at https://nmc.gov.in/public/upload/download/18_Tax_on_proparty_Tax_dep.pdf



Nashik property tax contact information

For any queries you can contact:

Nashik Municipal Corporation

Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan,

Sharanpur Road,


Telephone (PBX): 0253 – 2575631/2/3/4

Commissioner’s Office

Phone No.: 2578206, 2575607

Email id: commissioner@nmc.gov.in

Additional Commissioner

Additional Commissioner (Services)

Phone No.: 2222613

Email id: addcomm_service@nmc.gov.in

Additional Commissioner (City)

Phone No.: 2222611

Email id: addcomm_city@nmc.gov.in


What happens if you don’t pay Nashik property tax?

If your name is on the defaulters’ list, you will be informed of the same. Failure to pay Nashik property tax will result in strict actions.

How is the Nashik property tax calculated?

Nashik property tax is calculated by inserting all the required information in the property tax calculator. You will get detailed information about how much you are paying and for which components.

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