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Best colours for external walls

The colour of your external walls has to blend with the architectural design of your house. Also, the paint colour should reflect the home owner’s personal taste and make the home warm and welcoming.

Here is your guide to choosing the best colour combinations for the external walls of your house.



White and shades of white are most common colours for home outside in India. This classic colour by itself makes a statement, and it can be combined well with other colours. White colour works well for home outside on any size of house. The off-white colour, which is now trending, especially for the façade, provides a lot of scope for numerous design ideas. Shades of white can add a touch of sophistication, freshness and brightness to the home outside.



Beige has calming vibes and old-fashioned charm. Chose the shade of beige (khaki, mocha, tan, etc.) carefully to go with the architectural style of the home. For home outside, beige can be used alongside many colours and design styles. Light beige outside walls blends beautifully with the warm wooden tones of windows and door



Whether light or dark, gray makes a great option for homeowners when it comes to home outside colour. Gray, especially the lighter hues, look great and can pair well with white, orange or even green accents. Choose a darker, more saturated gray for the siding and a very light gray for the trim. These darker hues will make homes of any style look classic and stately.



Blue is a fantastic choice when it comes to colour outside the house as it has a tranquil and neutral feel. Navy blue exteriors appear elegant and often give nautical, marine or beach vibe, and make a bold statement. Light blues house colour has an ethereal, dreamy quality. One can paint the home outside in shades of blue for a contemporary appeal.



With a resurgence of earthy tone natural colours, brown colour is quite popular for home outside. Brown gives a natural wooden look to the exterior walls and gives a welcoming and soft vibe. Brown is apt for an outside house as it is warm, gives a feeling of stability, comfort, growth and potential and symbolises a firm foundation for home.



Yellow has the ability to add instant positivity to a space as it makes us feel happy, energised and the home an inviting space. Homeowners, who want to make their house stand out, can go for vibrant yellow colour or opt for mustard yellow for a subtle-yet-joyful impact on the walls of one personal sanctuary.



The pandemic was the time when people yearned for outdoor nature and greenery for strength. Inspired by nature, a big colour trend for home colour outside is green as it gives calm and soothing vibes. Home exteriors are being painted now in stunning green shades such as olive greens, fern green, emerald greens and sage greens.


Top colour combinations for home outside

When it comes to outside wall paint colours, go for one or two maximum three exterior colours. Go in for combinations that look attractive but overall looks pleasing. If you wish to stick to just a single colour, use different shades of the same colour to avoid monotony.

Cream and brown

This is the most ideal and subtle colour combination for painting outside home. Dark brown mingles perfectly with the cream colour exterior paint set-up. As a down-to-earth colour, brown signifies stability and support, and goes well with cream. Choose chocolate brown, honey brown or walnut brown, depending on the style of the house. This warm neutral duo feels comforting and grounding.

White and blue

Shades of blue perfectly blend with white, on the home outside. Indigo is a cool colour that is also the most soothing one and is known to reduce stress and inspire a sense of serenity. White and shades of blue are excellent colour combinations for bungalow-style or cottage-style houses.

Yellow with brown

This is the most ideal and subtle colour combination for house exterior painting. Dark brown can be used for the house roof, window frames, door, front porch area, blending perfectly with the soothing yellow colour exterior paint set-up. Even a subtle touch of yellow as an accent colour can perk up the home from outside. This colour combination for house exterior painting is better suited for the cottage style that looks picture-perfect with a small garden outside.

Red and cream

Traditional red tiles with large wooden windows and pillars can be matched with quintessential cream walls, and this colour combination is popular in homes outside seen in south India. Red and cream colour for home looks good, especially if exposed brick walls are combined with a cream colour. One can also consider red and cream combinations for home exteriors designed in industrial and Scandinavian styles. Use reddish maroon on the wall outside the home in a balanced way to draw attention to the details of the home outside and enhance the charm.

Peach and white

The peach colour is one of the most favoured colours for home paint outside, as it is refreshing and soothing. Along with white, it works well both for vintage as well as for modern-style homes. Pale peach and while being light colours can make a house seem larger and add to the aura of elegance and chicness.

Green and off-white

Green represents freshness and renewed hope. Paint experts believe home exteriors will be embracing green more than ever next year. Painting your home green in combination with off-white will align it with the energy of nature and bring positivity. One can go for a green roof and keep the walls of the house outside off white. The light façade and the dark roof are a classic combination for the colour home outside.

Brown, white and Gray

Brown, white and grey colours team up a harmonious colour combination for home outside. White paint can be a dominant colour along with dark gray. A brown roof gives a warm, natural feeling to the house; an earthy brown shade for the wall outside creates a welcoming vibe.

Gray, white and orange

Neutral colours gray and white with a dash of orange are a beautiful colour pairing for home outside. These colours look subtle yet impactful, and contribute to the freshness of the house. The accent orange colour can be added in a small portion to the exteriors. Orange radiates warmth and happiness, and is best to team up with the dull gray shade. This trio is a harmonious colour combination for the external walls.


Tips to select colours for home outside

  • The first thing one notices is the exterior of a house and it should always be attractive and inviting. So always have a cohesive colour theme.
  • External wall colours should be in harmony with the colour of the roof. Also, consider the colours of doors, windows railings, etc.
  • Exterior house paint colours need not be limited to the walls. Add glam appeal with bright hits of colour on specific architectural details like doors, windows railings, etc.
  • The outside colours must go well with the style of the home and enhance the beauty of architectural features. So consider material such as brick stone or glass if used in the house design when selecting the paint colour.
  • The type of exterior home painting colour used will decide the durability of the paint colour irrespective of the colour. For a perfect exterior wall paint finish, satin and eggshell are good. Opt for either emulsion, acrylic or cement paint for colour outside home.
  • Always use good-quality paint products and choose a reliable painting company that does the preparation work of the surface before painting the walls outside home.
  • Light-colored paints last longer and fade much slowly than their dark colours. Dark colours absorb heat and have more moisture problems than lighter shades.
  • Texture can be used with striking effect. So, consider integrating texture paints into the exterior to complement the chosen colour scheme.
  • Outside wall colours of home are exposed to rainwater, humidity and moisture, which can pass through the layers and affect the interior walls. So, go in for waterproof coating before painting the exterior walls to prevent water leakage. Better choose a wall paint that has superior water resistance.
  • While you want your house to stand out, ensure the colours in such a way that it goes with the climate of the area, neighbourhood style and overall backdrop.


Vastu for home outside colour

The exterior of a house should have a light colour such as light yellow, white, beige mauve, etc., according to Vastu. Sometimes, the colour is recommended based on the direction of the house. Also, never have black colour outside the home as it absorbs negativity and may lead to depression. According to Vastu, if the home faces the south-east, colours such as orange, pink, and green are the best. For the south-west facing houses, light brown or peach can be used. For the north-facing homes, green colour is recommended according to Vastu. The north-west facing house should be painted in light gray and cream colour. The west-facing houses can be painted in blue or white.



Which exterior colours fade the fastest?

Bright colours are more prone to fading due to the effect UV radiation has on them. Bright yellows, blues, or reds will fade quickly compared to muted colours.

What colours make a home appear bigger?

If the home is small, light neutral colours will make it appear bigger. Go for pastel colours such as light-gray, milky white, pale yellow and beige.

Which is the most popular roof colour?

The most popular colours of a roof are shades of black, brown, gray, red and blue.

Can I use eco-friendly paint colours for the home outside?

Yes, opt for non-toxic paints with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.

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