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Interesting ideas to utilise attic space in homes

Attics are those versatile areas of a house which serve many purposes. Usually, they help in separating the roof from the rest of the house, allowing insulation at the top and airflow below the roof. An attic is also used for storage. However, with some creativity, you can turn this often-neglected space into an interesting office space or an additional bedroom.


Attic: Meaning

Attic refers to the space between the ceiling of the top floor in a house and the inclined roof. It is a common feature seen in most houses with pitched roofs.


How to utilise attic space?

Attics have high storage potential, and there are numerous ways you can make use of the available space. Having an accessible attic space is an advantage since it becomes functional and it can be utilised as an extra room instead of keeping unwanted items.

Recreational zone

If you are unable to find a suitable area inside your home for a gym or yoga corner, the loft can be converted into one. Remove the unwanted furniture and add some yoga mats and suitable lighting. It proves to be a peaceful space with no distractions and noise. You can also design a games room by adding a pool table and seating in the attic.


Kids’ play room

For homes with space constraints, the attic provides ample scope to create a play area for your kids or a nursery. You can add storage units like bookshelves and drawers, and a small desk for arts and crafts. The remaining area can be left open to allow free movement.


Home office

If you are looking for a quiet corner to focus on your work, head to the attic and set up your home office. Small windows usually built on the attic wall provide natural light. However, you can install suitable lighting fixtures to illuminate the area. Include a desk and storage units to complete the office set up.


Home theater

Use the low ceiling and lack of light to your advantage by converting the space into a mini home theater. It could be the ideal place for your friends and family to spend quality time together. Simply install a large screen television or a projector and comfortable seating.


Guest room

An excellent way to utilise the loft is to turn it into a guest room. Since the space does not receive too much sunlight, it makes for a cosy room for a bedroom retreat. Choose minimalist furniture for the space and light colours for the décor. Include curtains and artificial lighting.


Interesting attic storage ideas

If you prefer using the attic space for storage purpose, it is essential that you organise the space and cut the clutter. Here are some useful tips for homeowners who plan to utilise their attic for storage:

  • Suspend a ladder sideways with a rope to create ample hanging space for clothes.
  • Install proper shelves on the wall for additional storage space.
  • Use plastic boxes as storage containers to store various items while keeping them safe from pests.
  • If there is enough floor space, keep a freestanding shelf.
  • Turn the free space between trusses to keep small storage boxes. You can also design a truss shelf.
  • Install a ceiling rack which provides ample storage space for small attics.




What is the attic used for?

Attics aid in ventilation and temperature control in a house. They also provide additional space for storage.

What should you not store in attic?

Attics may be prone to temperature fluctuations and water damage. Avoid storing fabrics like wool, furniture or décor items made from natural materials, electronic items, or any flammable substance.

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