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All about building bye-laws in Bihar

Builders in Bihar have to follow rules prescribed under building bye-laws in the state. We will discuss these in detail in this article.  

What are building bye-laws?

Building bye-laws are legal tools that establish rules for building constructions, from structural design, height, and coverage to safety standards and hazards to protect the structure from unforeseen disasters like building fires and earthquakes.Local authorities are responsible for law enforcement and overseeing the construction and development of that area. Building bye-laws promote construction and development of properties in an orderly fashion to avoid disputes and chaos and control encroachment and unplanned development of cities and towns.

What is the necessity for building bye-laws?

Building bye-laws are essential to oversee and control construction activities and the overall development of a city. A few other important reasons include:

  •     Provisions for open space between buildings.
  •     Implementation of safety regulations against fire, earthquake, or
  • any other unfortunate accident.
  •     Following guidelines for the design and construction of buildings.
  •     Limit and control the structure of the number of buildings.
  •     Cube the upscale growth in the population and the number of buildings.
  •     Ensure a proper supply of water, electricity, and other fundamental facilities to the citizens.
  •     Control unauthorized construction and encroachment on private and public properties.
  • Specify the type of material used for construction purposes.

Aspects covered in Building Bye-Laws

  • Area and usage
  • Building height
  • Fire safety norms concerning staircase and exits
  • Provision for power supply
  • Provision for waste management
  • Effects of communication technology


Building Plan Approval in Bihar

For Individuals

Step 1:  An individual may select an Architect/Engineer registered with the Patna Municipal Corporation to prepare the drawings and design for your building.

Step 2: Register yourself as a user in the AutoMap system by providing general information.

Step 3: Apply for your construction and other building-related permits on the website.

For a technical person

Step 1: Register yourself as a Technical Person in AutoMap to get building permits from the PMC or offer services to your clients.

Step 2: Pay the required amount of fees online.

Step 3: Your qualifications and submissions of necessary supporting documents are mandatory for the registration. After registration, you can apply for the permits for yourself or on behalf of your clients.

For a Builder

Step 1: Select a business profile and complete the essential user registration.

Step 2: Proceed to apply for a builder registration.

Step 3: Pay the required fees online.

The waiting time for your application’s approval is 15 days, but it varies depending on the application type. The entire application process for the approval of a building plan is online.

How much do the permits cost?

Every application for the building permit requires some fees as specified by the authorities in the Bihar Building Bye-Laws 2014. Although the cost depends on the permits, it differs for new building erection and renovation of existing buildings. The charges vary for private residential permits, commercial property such as a petrol pump, and institutional properties. You can calculate the entire cost for your application with the help of the chart provided on the AutoMap website.  The fee for registering as a new technical person is Rs 500. It is also the same for the renewal of the registration.

The application fee with the processing fee for a builder registration, sums up to Rs. 5,500, whereas to renew one’s registration, the amount charged is Rs 5,000. 


How much time does it take for the application to get approved?

Depending on the application category application, a review period gets assigned to the application after completing the user registration and payment of the application fee. The timeframe for the review depends on the nature of your application which also includes a zoning review. 

Prescribed time frame for Building Permit Applications

The approval/denial review time frame of a low-height building is seven days, whereas, for medium to high-rise buildings, it is 20 days. This means that you’re informed of the authority’s decision after successfully completing the registration process within 20 days.


Time frame for completion/occupancy applications

The prescribed review period for the completion/occupancy applications is 30 days after the availability of the application at the department. 

What are the documents required for new building permit in Bihar?

There are a variety of documents required for the construction of a new building. Scanned copies of such documents should be uploaded in the AutoMap System. The list includes:

  • Partition documents (if applicable)
  • Co-operative NOC in case of approved lands
  • Affidavit for non-litigation/peaceful possession
  • Indemnity bond for basement (If applicable)
  • Affidavit for leaving excess land
  • Affidavit for demolishing of existing structure
  • Form V – Supervision certificate
  • Certificate for execution
  • Form IV – Structural stability certificate for buildings with height up to 12m
  • Structural design basis report for buildings with a height of 15m or above
  • NOCs from the lessee in case of leasehold, the Airport Authority of India, the fire department, the Archaeological Survey of India, the forest department, the environmental department, as and when applicable

 Note: The documents differ slightly, depending on the type of your application. If you have an occupancy/completion application or are applying for renewal, etc., you can check the entire list of documents required for your application on the AutoMap website. 


How many floors can be built in Patna?

On a 20-foot road, the maximum allowed height is 14.99 meters (G + 4). On a 40-foot lane, the max height can go up to 20 meters (G + 6). The maximum height for any building in Patna is 23 meters (G+7).

Who is the authority of building bye-laws in Bihar?

The Bihar government is responsible for passing and imposing building bye-laws in the entire state. However, on a sub-level, the responsibility of imposing laws and regulations is of the town-planning authority of that area.

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