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Lighthouse projects: All you need to know

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Light House Projects (LHPs) under the Global Housing Technology Challenge. Under this plan, cutting-edge technology will be used to build resilient housing projects at a fast pace. The use of new construction technology is also expected to bring down the overall construction cost, making properties more affordable in the world’s second-most populous country.

At the launch, the PM said that thousands of light houses will be built in the next 12 months at chosen locations. “These structures will act as incubation centres through which our planners, architects, engineers and students will be able to learn and experiment with new technology,” he elaborated.

“These LHPs shall serve as LIVE laboratories for different aspects of the transfer of technologies to field application, such as planning, design, production of components, construction practices, testing, etc., for both faculty and students, builders, professionals of private and public sectors and other stakeholders involved in such construction,” reads the official website of the Global Housing Technology Challenge.


Light House Projects in India: Locations

Under the programme, housing projects are being built in six locations across the country. These locations are:

  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Agartala, Tripura
  • Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

The government plans to build nearly 1,000 light houses at each location by the end of 2021. In July this year, the PM had drones review the six light house projects where work is currently underway. These units are being built using six different technologies from a basket of 54 technologies.


Technologies used in India’s Light House Projects

Indore Light House Project

The Light House Project in Indore will use the prefabricated sandwich panel system to construct walls instead of brick and mortar.

Rajkot Light House Project

In Rajkot, an earthquake-prone area, French technology is being used to build structures that would be capable of withstanding disasters. The monolithic concrete construction technology is also being used to build houses in the city.

Chennai Light House Project

In Chennai, the precast concrete system will help developers build affordable homes at a fast pace under the Light House Project. This technology is popular in the US and Finland.

Ranchi Light House Project

Germany’s 3D construction system is being used to build light houses in Ranchi. The technology allows each room to be built separately and assembled later like Lego blocks toys.

Agartala Light House Project

In Agartala, earthquake-safe homes will be built using steel frames. This technology is common in New Zealand.

Lucknow Light House Project

Light houses in Lucknow will be constructed without plaster and paint using Canadian technology. The use of pre-built wall structures would aid the quick completion of these units.


Facts about Light House Projects in India

Size of Light House Projects

The minimum size of units in Light House Projects will be as per the prevailing guidelines of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY (U)).


Amenities in Light House Projects

Light House Projects will have a well-developed infrastructure, including internal roads, pathways, common green area, boundary wall, water supply, sewerage, drainage, rainwater harvesting, solar lighting, and external electrification. Cluster design may include innovative systems of water supply, drainage and rainwater harvesting, and renewable energy sources with a special focus on solar energy.


Light House Project design

Light House Projects will be designed in line with the National Building Code (NBC), 2016 “with good aesthetics, proper ventilation and orientation, as required to suit the climatic conditions of the location, and adequate storage space.”


Light House Projects and other government programmes

Light House Projects will converge with other centrally-sponsored schemes like the smart cities mission, the AMRUT scheme, the Swachh Bharat (U) scheme, the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM), the Ujjwalla scheme, the Ujala scheme, and the Make in India programme.


Light House Project safety

The structural details of Light House Projects will meet Indian as well as global durability and safety standards.


Light House Project approval process

Approvals for these projects will be accorded through a fast-track process by the concerned state/union territory.


Light House Project completion time

The construction of Light House Projects will be completed in 12 months from the date of handing over of site to the successful bidder. Developers who can finish the project in 15 months (3 additional months for planning and approvals) will be awarded prize money of $20,000. In case they can finish the project in less than 12 months, they will receive an additional bonus of $2,000 for each month saved.


Light House Project home allotment

Allotment of constructed houses under LHPs will be made eligible under the PMAY (U).

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