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Why low-density project offers better quality of life in today’s day and age?

Owning an apartment that one can call their own is a dream that many people nurse. Everyone yearns for a house where they can find calm from their fast paced lifestyle in Mumbai to put up their feet. However, buying a house is a major life investment and one ideally gives the process a lot of thought before deciding which house is good for lifetime. An apartment society where one finds no peace of mind and satisfaction can turn out to be a regretful investment.


What homebuyers fundamentally want?

Potential homeowners are on the lookout for flats, where they can be connected to the city but at the same time escape its noise, pollution and hubbub. Additionally, individuals are looking to invest in projects where their investment appreciates over the course of the years instead of sinking as is often the case in inferior or low quality projects.


The surge in demand for projects with limited & exclusive number of apartments, post pandemic.

Developer projects that house numerous towers and have far too many flats in each tower often make for unsatisfactory & unsafe living conditions for the residents.  Further, societies with too many residences often have maintenance, parking and other everyday administrative problems as many people are catered to by a limited number of resources. Moreover, most of these projects with limited amenities per family make it vulnerably crowded and unsafe for use for children and senior citizens, especially in times of today, post pandemic.

On the contrary single tower projects, with a limited number of flats per floor, are back in demand post the pandemic, invariably when the world must choose to de-crowd and declutter for living a healthy lifestyle. Kalpataru Woodsville near Powai, in Chandivali, is one such project. The single-tower project with 72 flats caters to the demand of the potential homebuyers looking to invest in a premium apartment. It is walled off from the racket of the city but at the same time well-connected by metro and major arterial roads.

With a limited number of flats per floor, residents can enjoy their living spaces without it being crowded. Amenities are better available for all to enjoy, and there is no fight over the resources of the society. 


Best of both worlds 

Kalpataru Woodsville has a D-Mart, a hospital, schools, a college, multiplexes and prime restaurants nearby, which ensures that you get the best of both worlds.  One is close to lush landscapes while at the same time, he is never far away from the comforts of the city. Intelligently designed, the project ensures that there is zero-wastage in the flat layout, well-ventilated bedrooms with L shaped windows and even the 3-BHKs are elegantly crafted to deliver the look and feel of a 4-BHK. 

Nestled in Chandivali, the project is tailored for discerning customers who want to see not just a strong appreciation in their investment but also great returns in terms of enjoying an unparalleled quality of life.


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