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Bathroom false ceiling design ideas

The bathroom space is often neglected, especially when it comes to décor elements. Most people prefer investing a sizable amount of money into doing up their living space and the bedrooms, because they feel, these are the most visible spaces of their home. However, every room has its importance and should be given its due, including the bathrooms.

A good bathroom that is designed on the principles of Vastu Shastra, can ensure that your personal spaces are rid of all negative energies. Another important aspect is the visual appeal of the bathroom. If you are up for spectacular-looking bathrooms at home, we have got plenty of ideas. False ceilings in the bathrooms add a glamorous look to the space. Here are some inspiring bathroom false ceiling ideas for your personal space.


Bathroom false ceiling materials

There are as many materials that can be used for false ceilings in bathrooms. Apart from merely painting the ceiling, home owners can also install false ceiling made of acrylic, gypsum, aluminium, wood, glass or even choose tiled bathroom false ceilings.


Acrylic false ceilings for bathrooms

Acrylic false ceilings come in various shapes, colours and sizes. It is a fiber material and the most common choice.


Source: Pexels

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Gypsum false ceiling for bathrooms

A ready-made sheet made of plaster of Paris (POP), gypsum boards are a great fit in Indian bathrooms and are far cheaper than acrylic false ceiling for bathrooms. Together with LED panel lights, it lends a plush look to the bathroom space. Gypsum ceiling can also be used in other rooms.


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

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Aluminium composite panels false ceiling for bathrooms

If your bathroom walls are damp and this remains a common problem throughout the year, perhaps you should consider aluminium composite panels or ACP. Generally, commercial buildings use ACP and the same is used for sign boards in washroom ceiling design. You would have seen these in simple, metallic and marble textures. The popularity of ACP is also due to the fact that these are lightweight and available in various sizes, although 8×4 ft is the standard size.


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

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Wooden false ceilings for bathrooms

If you wish to give your bath space a rustic and antique look, try a wooden false ceiling. These look wonderful in spacious bathrooms. However, this false ceiling design for bathroom may be in the higher price bracket. So, before you invest in a wooden false ceiling, keep a budget estimate in mind.


Source: Pinterest


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

Source: Pinterest


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

Source: Jonathan Borba, Pexels

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Glass false ceilings for bathrooms

For bathrooms that lack natural lighting, glass ceilings are a good way to brighten up the space. Glass ceilings will look good, even if you consider adding prints to it or a pattern of your choice. This bathroom false ceiling material adds a luxurious touch to the house.


Source: Pinterest


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

Source: Pinterest


Tiled false ceilings for bathrooms

Most people prefer using tiles for their bathroom ceiling, when the ceiling is low. With tiles, you have a variety of options to choose from and you can easily match it with the overall décor of the bathroom.


Source: Pinterest


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Source: Pinterest

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Painted false ceiling for bathrooms

Paint is the most common choice, when it comes to bathroom ceiling designs. Many prefer smooth and sober shades of white, beige and blue for washroom ceiling designs. This is because light shades make small spaces look bigger. An added advantage is that dirt, grime and other impurities can be easily spotted and cleaned. Nevertheless these also require high maintenance.


Source: Christa Grover, Pexels


Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom

Source: Luis Ruiz, Pexels



Which is the most economical way to give my bathroom ceiling a makeover?

If you are low on budget, painted ceilings are the best for your bathroom. The cost comes to less than Rs 30 per sq ft.

What is Armstrong false ceiling? Is it costly?

Armstrong is an international brand that makes ceiling products. In India, these are rarely used in residential spaces but commercial spaces do prefer it. The pricing of the bathroom false ceiling material comes to up to Rs 100 per sq ft.

Is false ceiling good for home?

Besides providing a neat and uniform look to interior spaces, false ceilings also provide an insulating effect.

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